Life and Justice Conference


Exclusively on GodTV: Videos from Life and Justice!

Watch live, November 22 – 24 at! Rev. Samuel Rodriguez: Who is my neighbor? Glenn Packiam: Why We Work for Justice. Michael Miller: The Poverty Cure. See programming schedule at or check listings in the US on DirecTV channel 365 as well as Sky (…)


Rev. Samuel Rodriguez challenged us to:

“Bring Hope to a pathetic and hopeless time, stand and operate not from fringes either right or left but from the strongest part of the cross, where the vertical and horizontal intersect, the nexus of grace and hope, where conviction marries compassion, and truth joins hands (…)


We filmed all speakers at Life and Justice

Next step: get the videos ready for you to download via iTunes, along with a discussion guide so that you can take Life and Justice home with you and nurture discussion of these important issues in your church and community. We’ll give info here when they (…)

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